Trip Report: Six Flags Great Adventure/Fright Fest 10/10/14

ztn_sf4I headed over to Six Flags Great Adventure on Friday, October 10th to get on a few rides and see what the park has done for Fright Fest. I arrived at the park at around 5:45pm, 15 minutes after opening. I went to the left side of the park first to ride Zumanjaro as it would surely have a long line later on.

When I got to the entrance, I saw that Kingda Ka had a line extending out of the entrance! What?! Oh…the ride didn’t open yet and people were just waiting for it to open. I thought about hopping into the single rider line, but the line ended up being a one cycle wait so it really didn’t matter. I really like Zumanjaro, it’s a great drop tower. Being some 400 feet high, you also get a wonderful view from the top!

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Trip Report: NYC Trip pt.2: Coney Island 9/20/2014

ThunderboltContinued from part 1

After leaving the San Gennaro Festival, I headed back to the station on Grand Street in hopes of catching the F train to Coney Island. The F was skipping a bunch of stops in Brooklyn, so it would be a faster trip. However, I messed up (the F train stops two ‘long blocks’ up on Grand) so I just got on the D train for the full 20 something stops down to Coney Island. Ugh.

I arrived at like 4:30pm after a some 45 minute ride. I walked down by Thunderbolt first, one of my main reasons for heading to Coney Island. Thunderbolt is a full sized Zamperla manufactured coaster. The ride uses 9 seat cars that look similar to Maurer Söhne’s X-Car. The coaster has four inversions, a vertical lift and vertical drop, and three bunnyhops that define the term “ejection air.”

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Trip Report: NYC Trip Pt. 1 – 2014 Feast of San Gennaro NYC

2014 Feast of San GennaroOn Saturday, September 20th, I took a trip to New York City to hit the Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy, and Coney Island. In the past I’d either drive into Coney for a day trip or visit the San Gennaro festival at night to grab dinner with someone, again while driving in. Now I just do them together, using some form of public transportation, because screw driving into NYC.

I took the 12:42pm train from Summit into Penn Station before hopping on the subway. Now, it’s been in the news around here recently that some of the subway lines are experiencing a bedbug “outbreak.” I seriously doubt it’s a big problem, but me being paranoid about bedbugs had to find an alternate route than the usual Q or N trains (the biggest impacted lines.) So I took the D train down to Grand Street. While waiting, I couldn’t help noticing all of the Yankee shirts across the way on the uptown platform, obviously going to the Derek Jeter game…er, Yankees game that day.

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Trip Report: 2014 St. Bartholomew’s Italian Festival

St. Barts Italian Festival - Scotch Plains, NJThis carnival season went by super quick! Doesn’t feel like it was too long ago when I was visiting the Middlesex Fire Dept. Carnival back in April. St. Bart’s Italian Festival in Scotch Plains, NJ was the last fair I went to in 2014. It’s a small event held by St. Bartholomew’s Catholic church and local Italian clubs. I headed over on a hot and humid Labor Day, September 1st. One of those days that feels like being in a sauna, you know? Majestic Midways was doing the midway and the fair had…

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Trip Report: Six Flags Great Adventure 9/3/2014

SFGAdv Sky RideI have a season pass to Six Flags Great Adventure, however I’ve only went once back in April. I didn’t do a trip report because it was somewhat crowded, I didn’t get on too many rides, and I knew that better trips would likely be had this season.

I saw that Great Adventure was opening on the Tuesday and Wednesday after Labor Day. I heard from a trip report on GAdv Online that the Tuesday after Labor Day last year was pretty dead, so surely the Wednesday they added this year would see even lighter crowds. Right?

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