Trip Report: 2015 Great Allentown Fair

Great Allentown Fair 2015I headed over to the Great Allentown Fair in Allentown, PA on Sunday, September 6th. I left my place in New Jersey at around quarter to 2. It’s a pretty easy fair to get to for me, despite a somewhat long drive. I-78 is only a 5 minute drive and I just drive for an hour until I get to Allentown.

The midway rides were brought in by Powers Great American Midways; this is the only fair I see this show at. I parked at a lot across the street from the back gate for $8 and walked into the fair at around 3pm. The fair had…

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News: Total Mayhem Coming to Great Adventure

Total Mayhem Six Flags Great Adventure 2016This morning Six Flags unveiled their 2016 park additions and Six Flags Great Adventure will be getting an S&S 4D Free Spin named “Total Mayhem.” It will be placed in the Lakefront area, about where the Aqua Stadium was if renderings are accurate. Total Mayhem will stand at 12 stories tall and feature free spinning seats that turn riders upsidedown six times.

The Lakefront will be somewhat redeveloped along with this addition as both Grandstand by the Lake and Aqua Stadium are being torn down; something many park-goers in recent weeks pretty much know about already as demolition is currently ongoing. According to the owner of Great Adventure History, the Grandstand area will be landscaped into a tiered hill; maybe like a lawn theater for fireworks shows around July 4th (or maybe more, who knows.)

Other additions at Six Flags parks include The Joker, an RMC revamp of Roar at Discovery Kingdom; a rehab to Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain; a pair of Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark rides for Six Flags Great America and Six Flags Mexico; and some Larson Super Loops for The Great Escape, Six Flags St. Louis, and Six Flags Fiesta Texas (Texas’ one will be called Greezed Lightnin’ while the other two will be named Fireball, just like the fair versions!) The entire lot of additions can be found at the official site.

Also, Great Adventure kicked off a 2016 season pass sale that’ll run for five days until Labor Day, September 7th. $69.99 for one season pass, $64.99 when multiple are bought. The passes can be upgraded to Gold Passes if redeemed before November 1st. So…a Gold Pass for literally less than a single day admission at the gate.

Here’s some press photos of Total Mayhem:

Here’s the promo video:

And here’s a video of Batman: The Ride at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, which Total Mayhem will be a clone of:

Trip Report: Kenilworth Fireman’s Fair 2015

Kenilworth Fire Dept Fair 2015I headed over to Kenilworth for the annual Fireman’s Fair on August 22nd. It was about a 20 minute drive to Kenilworth and upon arriving I had to hunt around for street parking. I ended up parking like four blocks away. I probably could have found one closer, but I suck at parallel parking so squirming my way into a spot would have taken about as long as simply hoofing it four blocks.

The rides were brought in my Blue Sky Amusements and the fair had…

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Trip Report: Hillsborough Rotary Fair 2015

Hillsborough Rotary Fair 2015On Saturday, August 15th, I headed over to the Hillborough Rotary Fair in Hillsborough, NJ. I looked over Google Maps on how to get there. Last time I took Route 22 and some backroads, but I felt like taking all highways would be the best way to go this time. Well, it would have worked out fine if I thought that the fair was on Rt. 206 and not Rt. 202. I headed like 10 freaking miles down the wrong highway before thinking “hey…I should be there by now.” I eventually got back on track and made it to the fair at around 9pm after wasting a half an hour.  Parking for this fair was a snap as the fairgrounds border a large shopping center.

Majestic Midways was running the rides. I usually see this show closer to my locale at the St. Barts Italian Festival, but it’s a much smaller fair compared to this one. As a matter of fact, this is actually a pretty big fair ride-wise! The fair had…

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Trip Report: New Jersey State Fair 2015

New Jersey State Fair 2015I went to the 75th annual New Jersey State Fair & Sussex County Farm and Horse Show on Wednesday, August 5th with a couple of my cousins. We originally planned to head over on Friday, but the weather forecast was for rain all day so we rescheduled for the 5th. It ended up not raining on Friday. I’m surprised.

I printed out my ticket and presented it without hassle to the gate and Mega Pass booth. They, on the other hand, opted for will call and had a problem because the fair didn’t have their tickets at the booth. Luckily, one of the managers straightened the situation out. Make note to print those tickets!

Reithoffer Shows was doing the midway, and the fair had:

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