Trip Report: 2014 Feast of Mount Carmel Festival

2014 Berkeley Heights Mount Carmel FestivalThe Mount Carmel Festival in Berkeley Heights, NJ is the one fair that I always know the dates of: July 12 to July 16. More notably, it always…always, ends on the 16th, the feast day of Mount Carmel. This means that sometimes the event has weird days, like starting on a Saturday and ending on Wednesday, like it did this year.

Ace Amusements had the midway once again. I was going to bike over on Wednesday to check out the racked rides and maybe some buildup, but they were already mostly setup by Tuesday, the 8th! No point in biking over now, so I just headed over on Sunday, the 13th. The fair had…

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Trip Report: 2014 State Fair Meadowlands

Skyride - State Fair MeadowlandsThis trip report marks a milestone of The DoD3. The State Fair Meadowlands is the first fair to have 10 years worth of trip reports on this site. Of course, my early trip reports were awful, but there’s 10 years of em’ nonetheless!

State Fair Meadowlands, located in the parking lot of Metlife Stadium, is the largest fair in New Jersey. It’s not the actual “state fair” of New Jersey, but for ride lovers, it’s the fair to go to. It’s been getting better each year since 2010 and this year was one of the best with a massive midway of rides, many shows, more food than one could choose from (including deep fried…everything), and much more.

Three shows came together to provide rides, the main operator Amusements of America along with Strates Shows and Reithoffer Shows each booking in some of their rides. The fair had…

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Trip Report: 2014 North Brunswick Youth Sports Festival

North Brunswick Youth Sports Festival 2014I go to roughly four “big” fairs each season. The first of which is always the Youth Sports Festival in North Brunswick, NJ. The fair is located in a field next to Devry University in North Brunswick and is almost impossible to miss when driving down Route 1, a major thoroughfare in central Jersey.

I headed down to the fair on Saturday, the 14th. I left at 7pm and arrived about 40 minutes later. Upon approaching the fair, I was met with the access road to Devry’s parking lot choked with cars…but not nearly as congested as the opposing eastbound lanes! I rounded the lot a couple of times before finding an open spot. Strates Shows was doing the midway for the second year now. Admission was $5 and the fair had…

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Trip Report: 2014 Feast of St. Anthony Festival

Feast of St. Anthony - South Plainfield, NJWhich was first unintentional  but has now become deliberate, I went to the Feast of St. Anthony Festival at Our Lady of Czestochowa in South Plainfield, NJ after taking a year off from visiting. I first went in 2008, then again in 2010, then I happened to go in 2012 and then decided that I would not go in 2013 and instead wait until this year. I will tell you right now, 2016 is when I’ll be going again, just to keep with tradition.

Let me say, the difference from 2008 is stark. It used to be a crumbly little carnival with a few of rough rides and a bunch of food. Now, it has a massive midway with more food than one can fathom. Dreamland Amusements had the midway and seemed to bring a good deal of their equipment, the fair had…

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Trip Report: 2014 St. Vincent de Paul Carnival

St. Vincent de Paul Carnival- Stirling, NJI was made aware of the St. Vincent de Paul carnival in Stirling, NJ by two different people trying to get the word out on my NJ-Carnivals site. This was their first annual event so they wanted everybody talking about it. It’s funny because I always thought that the Long Hill area had a place doing a carnival already but was just so poorly promoted that my Googling could simply never turn it up. There’s one now, I guess.

Since I live fairly close by, I started seeing signs for the event pop up about a week prior while on my bike rides. I eventually headed over on Saturday, May 31st. The rides were brought in by McCafferty Enterprises, a show I haven’t seen since the now axed MusicFest back in 2011. While the midway was smallish, they had quite a few things lined up at this event. The fair had…

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