Trip Report: 2015 Berkeley Heights Mount Carmel Festival

Berkeley Heights Mount Carmel Festival 2015Every year from the 12th to the 16th is the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Festival in Berkeley Heights, NJ, hosted by the Mt Carmel Society of Berkeley Heights. The 5 day event  features rides, food, games, beer and wine garden, and some vendors as well as two fireworks shows; one of which has all but attained legendary status around my area.

For several years, Ace Amusements had done the event, but this year it was McDaniel Brothers Shows. Ace had been doing the Morris County 4H Fair these past couple of years and I assume that’s where they were during this event as the 4H fair overlapped with the Mt Carmel festival. This year, the Mount Carmel Festival had…

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Trip Report: State Fair Meadowlands 2015

State Fair Meadowlands 2015On Friday, June 26th, I went to the biggest fair of the year, the State Fair Meadowlands. This fair undoubtedly has more rides than any other fair I go to each year and likely more rides than any other fair I’ve ever been to. In addition, the midway is packed full of shows, food, vendors, and more.

This year I went with a few of my cousins. I headed up to their place and we all drove over, arriving a little after 6pm, the fair’s opening. Amusements of America had the bulk of the rides there, with Strates Shows bringing in a fair amount of their own rides. A few other operators also had rides there including Jeremy Floyd, Christanni, and Reithoffer Shows. The fair had…

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Trip Report: 2015 Warren Lions Expo

Warren Lions Expo 2015On Saturday, June 13th, I headed over to the Warren Lions Expo in Warren, NJ. It’s not too far away from me, but I managed to miss it these past two years. I left for the fair at around 7:45pm and arrived less than 20 minutes later. Admission was $2, and the rides were brought in by McDaniel Brothers Shows. The fair had…

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Trip Report: 2015 Our Lady of Peace Country Fair

Dragon LoopsMilestone trip report for the Our Lady of Peace Country Fair in New Providence, NJ as I’ve now done ten of them on this local fair. I really should have more as I remember having a few on the original DOD site, all the way back when Cookes Amusements did the fair…maybe they’re hanging around on one of my old hard drives, I’ll have to look.

This year the fair returned to its usual mid-May week, spanning from May 13th to the 16th. The rides were brought in by Blue Sky Amusements, and the fair had…

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Trip Report: 2015 Middlesex Fire Dept. Fair

Scat 2 - Middlesex Fireman's FairLet’s look back at a post I made in March, it’s actually still on the front page because I’ve been updating this site at just an astounding rate this winter/early spring. In the post, I said:

“I figure my first trip to Great Adventure will be either the second week of April or Coasters After Dark. First fair is probably going to be in late April, the fireman’s carnival in Middlesex, NJ.”

Well, I didn’t make either of those Six Flags dates, and barely made this fair. This is why I don’t like to make predictions because as soon as I type them, the chances of it coming to fruition immediately drop. But, I did make it out on the final day, April 25th, to the Middlesex Fire Dept. Fair. Campy’s Amusements brought in the rides, and the fair had…

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