Trip Report: Fright Fest – Six Flags Great Adventure 10/25/15

Fright Fest Six Flags Great Adventure 2015On Sunday, October 25th, I headed over to Six Flags Great Adventure for my last trip to Fright Fest for the year. I actually went twice to Fright Fest in total with the other being on Friday, October 16th. I had bought a season pass during the Labor Day weekend sale and redeemed it on my first Fright Fest visit for a free upgrade to Gold. Now that I’ve entered the park twice with it, I’ve officially “paid off” my 2016 season pass before 2016. Actually, thinking about it, less than one visit would have done it since it’s like $70 for a single day gate admission and $25 for parking (!!!); my season pass was $83 and change total.

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Where we’re going, we don’t need roads…


Mini Trip Reports 2015

The fair season is pretty much over in these parts, with just street fairs and fall festivals going on until it gets too cold out. I actually went to a few more carnivals this year than I wrote about, so here’s some mini trip reports on them!

St Vincent de Paul Carnival

This year was St. Vincent de Paul’s second annual carnival. McCafferty Enterprises brought in the rides and they had…

  • Slingshot (drop tower)
  • Hang Glider
  • Sizzler
  • Dizzy Dragon
  • Fun Slide
  • Orient Express
  • Fun House
  • Several kiddie rides: Dinosaur ride, Hampton Dune Buggy (?), swinging ship, bounce house
  • Live entertainment, several games, lots of food, beer garden, and more!

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Trip Report: 2015 Great Allentown Fair

Great Allentown Fair 2015I headed over to the Great Allentown Fair in Allentown, PA on Sunday, September 6th. I left my place in New Jersey at around quarter to 2. It’s a pretty easy fair to get to for me, despite a somewhat long drive. I-78 is only a 5 minute drive and I just drive for an hour until I get to Allentown.

The midway rides were brought in by Powers Great American Midways; this is the only fair I see this show at. I parked at a lot across the street from the back gate for $8 and walked into the fair at around 3pm. The fair had…

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News: Total Mayhem Coming to Great Adventure

Total Mayhem Six Flags Great Adventure 2016This morning Six Flags unveiled their 2016 park additions and Six Flags Great Adventure will be getting an S&S 4D Free Spin named “Total Mayhem.” It will be placed in the Lakefront area, about where the Aqua Stadium was if renderings are accurate. Total Mayhem will stand at 12 stories tall and feature free spinning seats that turn riders upsidedown six times.

The Lakefront will be somewhat redeveloped along with this addition as both Grandstand by the Lake and Aqua Stadium are being torn down; something many park-goers in recent weeks pretty much know about already as demolition is currently ongoing. According to the owner of Great Adventure History, the Grandstand area will be landscaped into a tiered hill; maybe like a lawn theater for fireworks shows around July 4th (or maybe more, who knows.)

Other additions at Six Flags parks include The Joker, an RMC revamp of Roar at Discovery Kingdom; a rehab to Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain; a pair of Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark rides for Six Flags Great America and Six Flags Mexico; and some Larson Super Loops for The Great Escape, Six Flags St. Louis, and Six Flags Fiesta Texas (Texas’ one will be called Greezed Lightnin’ while the other two will be named Fireball, just like the fair versions!) The entire lot of additions can be found at the official site.

Also, Great Adventure kicked off a 2016 season pass sale that’ll run for five days until Labor Day, September 7th. $69.99 for one season pass, $64.99 when multiple are bought. The passes can be upgraded to Gold Passes if redeemed before November 1st. So…a Gold Pass for literally less than a single day admission at the gate.

Here’s some press photos of Total Mayhem:

Here’s the promo video:

And here’s a video of Batman: The Ride at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, which Total Mayhem will be a clone of: